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Pro Loco Lamon

PRO LOCO LAMON has been founded in 1951 "to organize the local tourism, proposing to the competent Administrations the aesthetic improvement of the area and promoting the initiatives aimed at protecting, enhancing and publicizing the natural, artistic and cultural resources of the place" (from Article 3 of the Bylaws).

Since August 2006 the association Pro Loco Lamon is twinned with the Pro Loco Val di Sangro (Chieti).


Ruben Faoro - presidente - tel. 333.6153959
Giuliano Smaniotto - vice presidente
Fabio Cavallari
Largo Diego
Nadja Malacarne
Fabio Primolan
Beatrice Todesco


Giuliana Broch

Collegio Probiviri

Manuel Malacarne
Alfonso Tollardo
Tommasini Tullio

Collegio Revisori dei Conti

Paolo Bee
Marcello Giacomin
Elio Faoro

Contact us

Ass. Pro Loco Lamon

 via Resenterra, 19
   32033 Lamon (BL)

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P.IVA: 00675220255